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The World Needs a B2B Application Development Platform
CordaJuly 8, 2022By: Richard Gendal Brown
It’s time we challenged ourselves to do better. So can we at least write down some requirements for a business-to-business application development platform that does respect existing market dynamics and doesn’t force new parties into the mix? For example, what are some of the problems you need to solve when building a true B2B market-style application?
ConclaveMay 25, 2022By: Sneha Damle
We’re excited to announce the beta release of Conclave Cloud! A new confidential computing platform for hosting privacy-preserving applications using Intel SGX. The Conclave Cloud platform will bring together a variety of services that will seamlessly integrate with each other providing a rich set of tools for implementing solutions without ever having to leave the
custom queries in corda
CordaApril 15, 2022By: Divya Taori
All relevant transactions and states are stored in the vault of the Corda node. Often it is required for the CorDapp to access this vault for various activities. To serve this purpose, Corda has been architected from the ground up to encourage the use of industry standard and proven query frameworks and libraries for accessing
Reduce turnaround time with syndicated loan
CordaMarch 28, 2022By: Ashutosh Meher
We need a way for stakeholders to communicate and exchange information in a streamlined way improving operational efficiency and thus reducing the overall turnaround time.In this article, we will explore one such use case: the Syndicated Loan Facility.
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