Corda 5 developer preview – Corda Services
CordaNovember 15, 2021By: Iryna Tsimashenka
One of the main differences between the Corda 5 Developer Preview 1 (C5DP1) and Corda 4.x is C5DP1 has a layered approach with interface-based APIs, rather than the Corda 4 core module, where implementation and the API formed a single block. In this blog, we will discuss the way we write and use CordaService in Corda 5. CordaService provides a way to use interface-based APIs.
How to write your first Conclave app
ConclaveNovember 10, 2021By: Iryna Tsimashenka
Confidential Computing is an emerging area for protecting sensitive data while processing it simultaneously. It consists of hardware and software components. The hardware component is part of a special CPU that supports Confidential Computing. Conclave SDK is a software component of Confidential Computing that lets engineers interact with hardware and run business logic using Java or JavaScript. In this quick How-To Guide, you will learn how to get started with Conclave SDK.
How do you look at the Blockchain outside of the financial industry
CordaNovember 9, 2021By: Peter Li
In the past few years blockchain technology, sometimes referred to as distributed ledger technology, has shown its value in finance-related sectors. Whether it is the banking sector, trade finance, or inter-institutional settlements, people understand blockchain’s value in transactions-based business. But how does this distributed ledger technology benefit the rest of modern industry? There is a
Is Corda a part of CeFi?
CordaOctober 19, 2021By: David Awad
here is a fascinating collection of paradigms in the blockchain world as there are two ways to build out new financial applications using blockchain. The first is CeFi, or centralized finance, and the second is DeFi, or decentralized finance. In DeFi, you only have to trust the protocol, but in CeFi, you must trust the company.
Corda 5 developer preview
CordaOctober 6, 2021By: Iryna Tsimashenka
We have been working hard to build the next generation of DLT, and these design choices have informed every step of our work on Corda 5. We have just released the Corda 5 Developer Preview I. This blog will tell you what is available in it, why we have made these changes, and a high-level overview of the various functionalities we are adding in the subsequent previews leading up to the release of Corda 5 General Availability.
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