CordaOctober 27, 2022By: Lin Chen
The UI looks no different than any standard browser-based UI you are accustomed to seeing. The value of the UI is to demonstrate the value of a decentralized solution and the transaction privacy that is built into Corda.
CordaOctober 26, 2022By: Lin Chen
This blog is mainly about building the web server layer, which translates RESTful HTTP API call into RPC requests for the Corda node. The post is divided into configuring the RPC port for our CorDapp and programming the API.
CordaSeptember 30, 2022By: Lin Chen
This blog will mostly focus on the most time-consuming issues I met in the development process and how I solve these issues. It is not tech-oriented, but more like a method of finding resources to solve problems.
CordaSeptember 29, 2022By: Divya Taori
A syndicate loan is an arrangement where several financial institutions form a group(syndicate) and lend money to one borrower. It consists of a single loan agreement between the borrower and all the lenders of the syndicate. Each lender will contribute a part of the loan amount and share the lending risk with the other members. Syndicate lending allows lenders to distribute risk and take part in opportunities that would have been too large for their individual capital base or when the total loan amount is outside the scope of the lender’s risk exposure. In a syndicated loan, the borrower could either be a company, a large project or a country’s government.