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Tokens SDK
Tokens SDK

The Corda Tokens SDK streamlines the token creation process. It offers a variety of features for creating and managing tokens in CorDapps.

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Why tokens on Corda?

Speed and Scale: Corda’s throughput performance is robust, with a high number of transactions per second (TPS) thanks to its automatic optimal sharding. TPS (on a network level) increases linearly as you add nodes. This is because Corda nodes don’t process transactions unrelated to them.

Secure Digital Assets: Corda’s strong identity layer makes it uniquely regulator-friendly and allows for tight integration with the existing financial system. This makes it the best platform for issuing digital assets. Rather than a stateful contract that everyone interacts with, you hold your own tokens. Your node stores and controls your states. ​​


The AccountSDK allows multiple entities to be hosted in the same node under a few conditions. It significantly reduces the cost of onboarding new client into a Corda business network.

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What are Corda Accounts?

The accounts library allows a Corda node to partition the vault—a collection of state objects—into a few subsets, where each subset represents an account.

This is advantageous for a couple of reasons:

  • Node operators can reduce costs by hosting multiple entities, as accounts, on one node​
  • Node operators can partition the vault on a per entity basis


Corda Settler
Corda Settler

Corda Settler resolves the obligations which are represented on a Corda ledger in whole or in part, allowing for payment to be made through any of the world’s payment systems, both traditional and blockchain-based.

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Settlement of an Obligation

The Corda Settler is an open source CorDapp that allows payment obligations arising on the Corda Network to be settled via any parallel rail supporting cryptocurrencies or other crypto assets, and any traditional rail capable of providing cryptographic proof of settlement.

Uniquely, the Corda Settler will verify that the beneficiary’s account was credited with the expected payment, automatically updating the Corda ledger.​​


IntelliJ & VSCode Plugins
IntelliJ & VSCode Plugins

We had worked on two versions of editor plugins to expertise developer’s experience working with Corda. These plugins offer through functionalities from build to run the nodes.

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Settlement of an Obligation

Key functionalities include:​

  • Corda Assemble project (build w/o test)​
  • Corda Build project (build + test the CorDapp using existing Gradle)
  • Corda Run Tests (unit tests)
  • Corda Deploy Nodes (setup mock network from Gradle file)​
  • Corda Run Nodes (bring nodes online)​
  • Corda Stop Running Nodes (available when nodes are running)

Originally, it would need manual commands, but now all are available with simple clicks.

Node Explorer
Node Explorer

The Node-explorer is a stand alone desktop app for Win/OSx/Linux that allows connecting to a local or remote Corda node. Examine transactions, run flows and view node and network properties in a few simple clicks.​

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Viewing/Operating your Corda Node with Ease

Node Explorer is a great tool to visualize what’s happening in your node and relevant network information. It can log in using the RPC credentials to connect to your local node, as well as any remote node.

The nicely arranged dashboard allows you to view your node’s stored data, as well as making a simple transaction on the fly.

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