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Corda Jun 14 2023 By: Divya Taori




Divya Taori
Divya Taori Senior Developer Evangelist
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The next generation of Corda will be focusing on the areas of high availability, scalability, enhanced, interoperability, and a boosted developer experience. Corda 5 Beta 4 is now available to the public.

Corda 5 Beta 4 is a preview of what we can expect in the upcoming Corda 5 general availability release. There are a number of conceptual changes in the next generation Corda from Corda 4x.

  • Following on from Corda 4, this release introduces the concept of a virtual node, and it runs on a new architecture with a new technology stack to provide the foundations for running Corda at scale.
  • Next generation Corda introduces permissioned application networks, where each application and virtual node has its own ledger, rather than a ledger shared with multiple applications.
  • A REST based API enables easy integration from other applications and systems with Corda to build multi-party workflows.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • The Corda 5 API is a breaking change from the Corda 4.x APIs and requires Corda Distributed Application (CorDapp) developers to port their CorDapps to the new Corda 5 Java-based API.
  • Upgrades and/or migrations from Corda 4.x and previous Corda 5 Beta releases are not supported in this release, but guidance for this will be provided in a later release.
  • CorDapp flow latency and throughput is not targeted for production workloads; this will be addressed in a later release.

Corda 5 Beta 4 will remain available until the official publication of Corda 5.0 GA, which is expected later in Summer 2023.

Additional resources

For people who are looking to get started on Corda, this video will give you an overview of the key concepts introduced with the new architecture. And if you are a developer looking to build your CorDapp, this video is all that you need to start the journey.

Divya Taori
Divya Taori Divya Taori is a Senior Developer Evangelist at R3, an enterprise blockchain software firm working with a global ecosystem of more than 350 participants across multiple industries from both the private and public sectors to develop on Corda, its open-source blockchain platform, and Corda Enterprise, a commercial version of Corda for enterprise usage.

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