CordaFebruary 3, 2023By: Simon Johnson
A journey into running Corda Next-Gen on a Mac or other ARM processor-based hosts. If you have an ARM-based project that might benefit from using Corda Next-Gen, give it a go.
CordaJanuary 23, 2023By: Divya Taori
Corda is the leading developer platform for building DLT applications. Corda 4.10 comes with new exciting features and enhancements plus bug fixes.
CordaJanuary 9, 2023By: Kat Baker
2022 was a heck of a year, exhausting and exhilarating. One of the true highlights is Corda 5, moving from a simple proposal to a well-architected and modular codebase almost ready to ship.
CordaJuly 8, 2022By: Richard Gendal Brown
It’s time we challenged ourselves to do better. So can we at least write down some requirements for a business-to-business application development platform that does respect existing market dynamics and doesn’t force new parties into the mix? For example, what are some of the problems you need to solve when building a true B2B market-style application?
CordaApril 15, 2022By: Divya Taori
All relevant transactions and states are stored in the vault of the Corda node. Often it is required for the CorDapp to access this vault for various activities. To serve this purpose, Corda has been architected from the ground up to encourage the use of industry standard and proven query frameworks and libraries for accessing
CordaMarch 28, 2022By: Ashutosh Meher
We need a way for stakeholders to communicate and exchange information in a streamlined way improving operational efficiency and thus reducing the overall turnaround time.In this article, we will explore one such use case: the Syndicated Loan Facility.