Corda is an open-source platform for the development and deployment of distributed multi-party applications.

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Next-Gen Corda

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Next-Gen Corda

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Next-Gen Corda

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Corda • June 14, 2023 • By: Divya Taori

Corda 5 Beta 4 is here!

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Daniela Bentrup

Daniela Bentrup

#announcements 2023-07-25 12:48:41

:corda-icon:Next-Gen Corda is now generally available:corda-icon: We are thrilled to announce the general availability of the next generation of Corda. To access and download the Corda artifacts today, visit|the developer portal.

To learn more about the whole journey of developing the next generation of Corda, its features and capabilities, and what is coming next, check out R3 Principal Software Engineer Dries Samyn's article:

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