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Corda 5

Corda 5

Corda 5 - Developer Preview 2 is shipped!



Version 1.3 of the Conclave SDK – the first release to be open source.

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Corda • November 25, 2022 • By: Janine Luk

It’s a-boat time for Corda!

In the yacht industry, there are many challenges that yacht owners and buyers face. Corda is the solution for the risks involved in buying and selling yachts.

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Conclave • November 23, 2022 • By: Sneha Damle

GDPR-compliant AI/ML using Confidential Computing

R3 provides GDPR-compliant solutions for data protection. GDPR impacts industries dealing with sensitive data. The healthcare industry is facing hurdles.

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R3 NY Office, 1155 Avenue of the Americas, 34th Fl., New York City, New York, United States, 10036 • 05:00 PM EST

R3 NYC Tech Meetup: The DLT News You Need to Know in 2023

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Conclave Hello World Python sample
Conclave Hello World Python sample
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IntelliJ & VSCode Plugins
Decentralized Corpus manager for machine learning on Corda
Decentralized Corpus manager for machine learning on Corda
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#announcements 2022-11-22 05:06:58

@here Dear Community,

R3 Corda is hosting a Meetup on 25th November, this Friday at Bangalore, Koramangala. Let’s meet and talk anything and everything about blockchain interoperability!

I am looking forward to meet everyone in person.

Register here

“Is there a way where I could use the underlying Ethereum network, I could use its underlying security, I could use its idea of decentralisation, but at the same time can I trade and perform computation without gas fees?”

Let’s meet over pizza and discuss how we can achieve the same using Corda-Ethereum Bridge. We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on the same.

We are expanding in India and hiring big, so get in touch with us after the meetup to know more. Please invite any of your team members/developers based out of Bangalore.

Best, Sneha Damle

In this meetup, we will present a working demo that demonstrates the bridging of a digital asset from the public Ethereum network to the Corda Network. We will simulate the transfer of gold and silver ERC-20 tokens from Ethereum to Corda as wrapped tokens, transact/trade these wrapped tokens on Corda in a private, regulated environment reducing transaction gas costs and finally, we will redeem these wrapped tokens back onto Ethereum.

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