CordaJune 14, 2023By: Divya Taori
The next generation of Corda will be focusing on the areas of high availability, scalability, enhanced, interoperability, and a boosted developer experience. Corda 5 Beta 4 is now available to the public. Corda 5 Beta 4 is a preview of what we can expect in the upcoming Corda 5 general availability release. There are a
CordaMay 8, 2023By: Divya Taori
We’re happy to announce the third Beta release for Corda 5. In this release, we’ve been adding some new features and resolved some issues. Please give the new version a try – your input is important. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback in the forum.   The next generation of Corda will be focussing on the
CordaMarch 30, 2023By: Sneha Damle
In the first blog post, we discussed Next-Gen Corda’s architecture. In the second blog post, we saw how to start a local all-in-one combined cluster with a static network. This article will show how to deploy a local Corda worker cluster using Kubernetes with a static network. Pre-requisites In this blog post, I will show
CordaMarch 28, 2023By: Sneha Damle
This blog post will show how to deploy a local Corda cluster for day-to-day development and testing. For this, we will use an All-In-One combined worker cluster. It will help if you read the previous article about Next-Gen Corda’s basic architecture as a prerequisite. The Corda cluster is of no use until we deploy an application network by uploading
CordaMarch 23, 2023By: Sneha Damle
It is already March, and we have just released Next-Gen Corda Beta 2, which you can get by visiting the docs website. For the Next-Gen Corda beta release, an immense amount of work has been put in by the entire team at R3. It’s been a long journey, we’re pleased with the result, and we hope
CordaFebruary 28, 2023By: Peter Li
Corda is the leading private, permissioned distributed application platform, powering multi-party workflows in regulated markets. With Corda, decentralized apps can be developed using standard languages and protocols such as Java or Kotlin. In this blog post, we will highlight three new components of Next Gen Corda. New Architecture for Corda Corda is known for its strong identity and privacy, high
CordaFebruary 3, 2023By: Simon Johnson
A journey into running Corda Next-Gen on a Mac or other ARM processor-based hosts. If you have an ARM-based project that might benefit from using Corda Next-Gen, give it a go.
CordaJanuary 9, 2023By: Kat Baker
2022 was a heck of a year, exhausting and exhilarating. One of the true highlights is Corda 5, moving from a simple proposal to a well-architected and modular codebase almost ready to ship.
CordaJuly 8, 2022By: Kat Baker
Corda was founded on a single vision, laid out in its original statement of intent. As well as a technical description of a platform, this was a rallying cry to Corda developers to get out into the world and be disruptive.
CordaJuly 8, 2022By: Kat Baker
It’s hardly an overstatement to say that Corda is already leading the way in enterprise blockchain success. Corda is already helping industries around the world benefit from instant reconciliation between firms, higher levels of trust, and the frictionless sharing of value and data across entire markets.