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Peter Li

Do we have any plans to provide a local deployment environment for tests like the Bootstrapper in Corda 4 that is not volatile once node is stopped?

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Peter Li

In Corda 5 CSDE template chat app, the finality flow is written in a seperate file. What is the logic behind isolating the finality flow to a separate file? the FinalizeChatSubFlow I have a guess:
  1. isolate the initiating <> responding action to separate file, easier to debug?
  2. less file annotated with @InitiatingFlow ?

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janvi jain

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Sneha Damle

We have a new blog for you which talks about the static network deployment with the combined worker cluster. Please reach out to the DevRel team in case of any questions.

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Tathagata Bhowmik

Hi, Please let me know which one is the preferable language for the developer certification? Java or Kotlin? Or I can learn any one.

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Sneha Damle

We took another step forward on our way to Next-Gen Corda general availability (GA), as we are pleased to announce that Corda 5 Beta 2.0 is out! Following on from the success of Corda 5 Alpha and Corda 5 Beta 1.0 releases, this is the second iteration in the Corda 5 early access (beta) program. Documentation links: Corda 5.0 Beta 2 documentation Release Notes. This blog talks about the key concepts or Next-Gen Corda, talks about the architecture of Next-Gen Corda. Please take a look at this and ask me any questions you might have on the basics of Next-Gen Corda.

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