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Wan Ling Sim

<p>Dear Community,</p><p>I would like to ask where can I seek for the R3 Corda Enterprise Subscription Plan?</p><p>Kindly advice or guide me accordingly.</p><p> </p><p>Thanks in advance.</p>

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Kun Meng

<p>Dear Developers,</p><p>I am currently a student conducting performance testing of CorDapp in accordance with the provided documentation. But I can't find  is this something that I am missing, hope you guys can help me.</p><p>Best regards,</p><p>Kun Meng</p>

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kwan yew tang

<p>the url</p><p>return </p>

<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>

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Manos Batsis

Struggling with integration tests for Corda5? This is for you.

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Daniela Bentrup

Hi everyone, We would like to inform you that a number of public Artifactory repositories for CorDapp developers will become private, and this may affect your ability to build your projects. These repositories should not be used in projects going forward. What does it mean for your build? To ensure the successful build of your project that relies on Artifactory repositories, please make the following update in your project's build files. The location of the repository declaration may vary depending on the project structure and Gradle version. It could be present in either the build.gradle file or the settings.gradle file of a repository. Please apply these changes as appropriate to ensure the continued functioning of your project: Existing code: maven {     url "" } Updated code: maven {     url "" } Note: corda-dependencies is just one example of a repo, any build code which references must be updated in the same manner swapping to and keeping the existing repository name. If your build used /corda please make sure to use the following two repositories: maven {     url "" } maven {     url "" } When will this change be made? The Maven repository on is available now. The Artifactory repositories will become unavailable on 31st July 2023.

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Manos Batsis

<p>The docs should explain persistence and query options in detail. Between JPA support and ContractStateVaultJsonFactory  I'd imagine most users are struggling to understand e.g. what is the closest equivalent to v4's QueryableState in terms of flow and query capabilities.</p>

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Slack feed

:corda-icon:Next-Gen Corda is now generally available:corda-icon: We are thrilled to announce the general availability of the next generation of Corda. To access and download the Corda artifacts today, visit|the developer portal.

To learn more about the whole journey of developing the next generation of Corda, its features and capabilities, and what is coming next, check out R3 Principal Software Engineer Dries Samyn's article:

Daniela Bentrup

Daniela Bentrup

#announcements 2023-07-25 12:48:41

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