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Developer Evangelist

Views: 83 Likes: 1

For developers, Corda 5 is an accessible toolbox with well-defined layers that enables you to create solutions. It does not force complexity or concepts but gives a streamlined iteration for the testing and development l...

Developer Evangelist

Views: 44 Likes: 0

Corda 4: cordapp-template-kotlin/java :arrow_down: Corda 5: Getting started template (CorDapp Standard Development Environment (CSDE)) Basic Cordapp project structure Gradle configuration for CorDapp dependencies E...

Developer Evangelist

Views: 56 Likes: 0

The Corda 5 Simulator is a lightweight testing/demo tool that simulates a Corda 5 network, enabling you to run Cordapps, demonstrate realistic behaviour and get feedback on how they are likely to behave with a real Corda...

Developer Evangelist

Views: 57 Likes: 0

What is it? Single process version of Corda (Combined worker) for local deployment + developer tooling Aimed at the internal and external CorDapp developer community Opportunity to get familiar with Corda 5 CorDapps W...

Peter Li

Views: 56 Likes: 1

It seems the DeployCPI task is failing, and we cant see any useful debugging notes. :thinking:

Peter Li

Views: 54 Likes: 1

It is saying the Corda-cli is missing.

Slack feed

A innovative trail (Corda based) for interoperability between Corda and Ethereum-based permissioned DLT Quorum implemented by the MUFG and its partner Datachain. Feel free to check out the post! :book:

Ledger Insights - blockchain for enterpriseLedger Insights - blockchain for enterprise

MUFG has partnered with DataChain to enable Progmat stablecoins to be interoperable for settlement across multiple blockchains

Ledger Insights - blockchain for enterprise
Peter Li

Peter Li

#announcements 2022-10-04 04:54:37

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Corda • September 30, 2022 • By: Lin Chen

Troubleshooting the booking system

This blog will mostly focus on the most time-consuming issues I met in the development process and how I solve these issues. It is not tech-oriented, but more like a method of...

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Corda • September 29, 2022 • By: Divya Taori

A blog series on blockchain in capital markets,  Part 2: Syndicated lending

A syndicate loan is an arrangement where several financial institutions form a group(syndicate) and lend money to one borrower. It consists of a single loan agreement between ...

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