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Views: 32 Likes: 0

Dear Team, I am trying to run Basic Corda App given on website. RedeemApples flow is returning an error for queryBy method. "Can not resolve method ‘queryBy(Class<AppleStamp’, LinearStateQueryCriteria’) I have copy pa...

Varun Resh Maddali

Views: 54 Likes: 0

Hi all. I’m trying to deploy corda nodes in new VPC on AWS using the following: Corda on AWS - Quick Start But I’m running into this error: Cannot find version 9.6.9 for aurora-postgresql (Service: AmazonRDS; Status Cod...


Views: 143 Likes: 0

I am not able to login to my Developer account . can any help ? I have tried resetting password multiple times but it didn’t work

Views: 230 Likes: 1

Hey everybody. We are using Corda open source and would like to set up the communication between two nodes via the internet. We have tried a public p2pAddress in node.conf with port 80 which did not work. Similarly, us...


Views: 262 Likes: 0

Hi, I have created an account for Corda developer platform, but failed to access corda-enterprise. Maybe this account is not for “JFrog”, then where can I creat a right account? maven { URL “JFrog” credentials { usern...

R3 Bot

Views: 570 Likes: 0

How to add more merchant company nodes to the existing network in Corda 4.8 without shutdown Corda network? We use Corda network bootstrap for creating network. but stuck to add new node without shutdown existing Corda ...

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Onboarding at R3 and Working on the P2P Preview of Corda

We recently dropped the first preview of the new peer-to-peer communications layer of Corda 5. In this article, I’ll talk about what it’s been like working on this releas...

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Conclave • August 8, 2022 • By: Sotiria Fytraki

Confidential Computing Promises that your Information is Kept Private — How do you Know?

New confidential computing technologies make it possible to build apps that truly protect users’ information. But how easy are these apps to build in reality? What does it t...

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