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Next-Gen Corda introduces the CorDapp Standard Development Environment (CSDE) to enable a simple process of prototyping CorDapps (applications built on Corda). The CSDE provides a variety of tools to quickly build CorDapps.

Benefit from:

  • a prepared CorDapp project that you can use as a starting point to develop your own prototypes
  • a base Gradle configuration that brings in the dependencies you need to write and test a Corda 5 CorDapp
  • a set of Gradle helper tasks which speed up and simplify the development and deployment process
  • and more

Install the required software for CorDapp development: Java Azul JDK 17, IntelliJ IDEA, Git, Docker and Corda CLI.

Obtain the CSDE by cloning our CSDE-cordapp-template-kotlin or CSDE-cordapp-template-java repository to your local machine.

git clone

git clone

Follow the full tutorial how to run your first CorDapp in the Corda documentation.

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The next generation of Corda enables new opportunities for reliability, deployment, performance, cost-efficiency, scalability, and interoperability.


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