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    Hi everybody,

    I’m working through the instructions on this page and hitting a problem when trying to perform the deployCorda task.

    Specifically, the preconfigured test (MyFirstFlowTest.kt) fails on line 27:

    val aliceVN = simulator.createVirtualNode(aliceHoldingID,

    with: Curve not supported: secp256k1 ( at at at java.base/$Delegate.initialize( at net.corda.simulator.runtime.signing.BaseSimKeyStore.(BaseSimKeyStore.kt:15) at net.corda.simulator.runtime.SimulatedVirtualNodeBase.(SimulatedVirtualNodeBase.kt:22) at net.corda.simulator.runtime.SimulatorDelegateBase.createVirtualNode(SimulatorDelegateBase.kt:46) at net.corda.simulator.Simulator.createVirtualNode(Simulator.kt:48) at com.r3.developers.csdetemplate.MyFirstFlowTest.test that MyFirstFLow returns correct message(MyFirstFlowTest.kt:27) ...

    Now I’m pretty sure this is because my JDK doesn’t support the curve.

    Except… the instructions said to use Azul Zulu 11… and that’s what I’m doing!

    So… is there a specific (higher?) version I should be using? If so, what? Is the project somehow not picking up this setting? If so, what’s the best way to verify exactly which JDK is being used?

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    Make sure your IntelliJ global gradle setting is set to use the project’s sdk settings rather than picking up whatever the machine’s globally set JDK is

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