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    Peter Li

    In Corda 4 and Corda 5 beta 1, the self signing of the transaction is by a seperate function called signInitialTransaction() as in Corda 4 or toSignedTransaction(my key) as in Corda 5 beta 1.

    Starting from Corda 5 beta 2, we remove the parameter of toSignedTransaction() functions. As a result, all of the required signatures for a transaction will need to be added to the transaction via the addSignatories() functions when building the transaction.  (This signature is most likely the transaction proposer’s signature.)

    For example, Alice, Bob, Charlie three parties in a network:

    1. Alice borrow $10 from Bob, creating a loanstate between Alice and Bob
    2. Bob as the lender want to transfer his debt to Charlie, so the new loanstate is betwwen Alice and Charlie.

    Note that for step 2, Bob as the transaction initiator will propose the transaction. In the old fashion, he will put his own signature on the transaction after the transaction building, but now, the toSignedTransaction() does not take in any parameter now. So he needs to add his signature to the transaction when building the transaction.



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    Peter Li

    Here is what happen if the transaction proposer does not add his/her own signature via the addSignatories() function:

    You will get an error saying: The publickeys do not have any private counterparts available

    Sneha Damle

    Take a look at the code sample which shows how signing is done in the current beta-2 release of Next-Gen Corda.



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