Speed CorDapping: Corda for Financial Enterprises

Speed CorDapping: Corda for Financial Enterprises

TBA, St Paul's, London March 08, 2023 01:30 PM GMT

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For years, financial markets have been burdened by issues such as complexity in asset issuance, trading, and settlement, as well as centralized operating models and siloed data. But Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is changing this by enabling banks to modernize workflows and capitalize on a new era of digital finance. And the best news is, if your organization isn’t ready to build on DLT yet, you can participate in some of the many applications already available.

R3’s Corda powers hundreds of solutions that solve real-world problems and eliminate inefficient processes across the financial services spectrum.

Join our inaugural Speed CorDapping: Corda for Financial Enterprises event to hear from five next-generation solution providers and discover how your organization can leverage production-ready CorDapps to provide true business benefits. Hear from:

  • Agora – Syndicated bond and structured product applications that provide collaborative solutions for the future of fixed-income markets.

  • Finteum - A global financial market for intraday FX swaps.

  • Instimatch - A cash management platform designed to streamline unsecured money markets, FX, and repo trades.

  • LedgerEdge - A trading ecosystem that removes barriers to finding, sharing, and trading corporate bonds.

  • SSImple - A post-trade processing application designed to mitigate risk and achieve greater control over the Standing Settlement Instruction (SSI) process.

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