The Italian Banking Association (ABI)

Corda Enterprise Company: Italian Banking Association (ABI)

The Spunta Banca DLT solution, built on Corda Enterprise by SIA, NTT Data and governed by ABI – the Italian Banking Association – is live with over 100 Italian banks, representing 91% of the nation’s banks.

  • In the first 6 months, Spunta Banca DLT has processed 204 million transactions
  • Transactions have an automatic match rate of 97.6%
  • Transactions are transforming the interbank reconciliation process

Pain Point

The reconciliation process for interbank transactions in Italy—formerly governed by the “Spunta” process— has been notoriously complex. With multiple parties involved, the task of identifying and addressing inconsistencies has historically been hampered by a lack of standardization, the use of piecemeal and fragmented communication methods, and no “single version of the truth”. As a result, resolving mismatches in transactions has been a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. These issues made the “Spunta” process an ideal candidate for automation through blockchain technology.


Every day over 600 users wake up, access their bank’s node via the application, and start transacting. The solution enables banks to pinpoint mismatches in interbank transactions quickly by sharing common data in a secure way; performing checks and exchanges directly within the application; and using standardized processes and communications for correcting issues. The solution’s smart contract technology also provides banks with automated feedback on their transactions. The results include lower operational risk and faster, more transparent processes–all delivered through a highly user-friendly interface.

Corda was perfect for the Spunta process for many technical reasons… And we have a great partnership with R3…

Silvia Attanasio (Head of Innovation • Italian Banking Association)


The outcome Within the first 6 months, Spunta Banca DLT has processed 204 million transactions—achieving an automatic match rate of 97.6%. Powered by Corda Enterprise, the 100 banks currently on the network have used Spunta DLT as the only reconciliation method between them since October 2020. The next step will be to run the application at full capacity 24/7, with an estimated total volume of 8.4 billion transactions or more per year.