Corda Payments SDK Developer preview: Announcement Letter
CordaJanuary 13, 2022By: Iryna Tsimashenka
R3 is pleased to announce the release of Corda Payments Technical Preview — a new payment initiation and processing module for CorDapps. The Technical Preview enables developers to quickly connect to traditional off-ledger payment rails and payment service providers with minimal coding.
Corda 5 “The road ahead” — Part 3 — Introduction to the Architecture
CordaDecember 28, 2021By: Marcello Farina
The new Corda 5 architecture and deployment methods are designed to deliver high availability and scalability. We placed these two crucial aspects of any high-dependency system at the center of our development mindset. After a process of careful planning and re-architecting, we are excited to share the direction we are taking for the new Corda 5 node architecture — designed to maximize reliability, availability, and scalability.
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