ConclaveMay 25, 2022By: Sneha Damle
We’re excited to announce the beta release of Conclave Cloud! A new confidential computing platform for hosting privacy-preserving applications using Intel SGX. The Conclave Cloud platform will bring together a variety of services that will seamlessly integrate with each other providing a rich set of tools for implementing solutions without ever having to leave the
ConclaveFebruary 18, 2022By: Sneha Damle
Intel SGX’s confidential computing platform opens the gateway to a hardware security-based trusted execution environment (TEE) called the enclave. You can run your application code inside an enclave and protect this code and sensitive data so that even the hypervisor and operating system can’t access it. You can even verify that they didn't change the business logic either!
ConclaveFebruary 18, 2022By: Sneha Damle
This blog post will discuss how Conclave can handle rollback attacks using Intel SGX. Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) enables you to execute applications in a secure memory, called enclave, that guarantees confidentiality, security, and integrity of your application state — even when the host is malicious.
ConclaveDecember 7, 2021By: Iryna Tsimashenka
We are pleased to announce the release of Conclave 1.2, which delivers two data persistence features, a key-derivation service to simplify cloud development, a common host, and other features that improvement the developer experience.