Corda 4.9 has Arrived
CordaMarch 23, 2022By: Peter Li
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R3’s Corda is the industry-standard platform for developers who build DLT applications for highly regulated markets, including banking, trade finance and capital markets.Corda is now one platform that comes in two fully supported Editions–Community and Enterprise. We are excited to announce the release of Corda 4.9!
custom queries in corda
CordaApril 15, 2022By: Divya Taori
All relevant transactions and states are stored in the vault of the Corda node. Often it is required for the CorDapp to access this vault for various activities. To serve this purpose, Corda has been architected from the ground up to encourage the use of industry standard and proven query frameworks and libraries for accessing
Reduce turnaround time with syndicated loan
CordaMarch 28, 2022By: Ashutosh Meher
We need a way for stakeholders to communicate and exchange information in a streamlined way improving operational efficiency and thus reducing the overall turnaround time.In this article, we will explore one such use case: the Syndicated Loan Facility.
How to build a secure database enclave using Conclave
ConclaveFebruary 18, 2022By: Sneha Damle
Intel SGX’s confidential computing platform opens the gateway to a hardware security-based trusted execution environment (TEE) called the enclave. You can run your application code inside an enclave and protect this code and sensitive data so that even the hypervisor and operating system can’t access it. You can even verify that they didn't change the business logic either!
Preventing Rollback Attacks on Intel SGX using Conclave SDK
ConclaveFebruary 18, 2022By: Sneha Damle
This blog post will discuss how Conclave can handle rollback attacks using Intel SGX. Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) enables you to execute applications in a secure memory, called enclave, that guarantees confidentiality, security, and integrity of your application state — even when the host is malicious.
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