How to write your first Conclave app
ConclaveNovember 10, 2021By: Iryna Tsimashenka
Confidential Computing is an emerging area for protecting sensitive data while processing it simultaneously It consists of hardware and software components The hardware component is part of a special CPU that...
State reissuance on corda
CordaOctober 29, 2021By: Ollie Gilbey
An important aspect of Corda is the ability to reissue states for assets that have a long transaction history Let’s take a look at what it is and how it’s implemented! When using the Unspent Transaction...
Is Corda a part of CeFi?
CordaOctober 19, 2021By: David Awad
There is a fascinating collection of paradigms in the blockchain world as there are two ways to build out new financial applications using blockchain The first is CeFi, or centralized finance, and the second is...
What has been cooking in Conclave?
ConclaveOctober 4, 2021By: Sneha Damle
Preparations for Conclave 12 release Let’s have a quick peek at what the Conclave has been cooking up! The flavors and the aroma are giving a promising picture of the final dish The work being carried out...
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